Sir William Vaughan Project

Sir William Vaughan (1575-1641) was a Welsh writer, scholar and promoter of a colonial enterprise in Newfoundland.   In 1616 he purchased land from the Newfoundland Company, and set about creating  a New Wales in the New World.  The region, at the southern end of the Avalon Peninsula, was to be called Cambriol and would serve as a plantation to relieve the population pressures and economic difficulties experienced by the Welsh.  For more on this man and his plantation schemes, please go to the Sir William Vaughan Project website.

The Sir William Vaughan Project is a historical research association based in St. John’s Newfoundland.  The purpose of the Project is to investigate William Vaughan and his Newfoundland plantation.  Activities include plans for a virtual symposium this coming September.  Please contact the organizing committee if you have paper or presentation topics.

Here is a brief summary of the recent St. David’s Day Reception held in St. John’s on March 1st.

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