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The Newlander’s Cure: A Review

Steven Nolan’s reviews William Vaughan’s book “The Newlander’s Cure”.  The introduction to William Vaughan’s Newlanders Cure gives the reader a significant clue as to what is to follow. The line, “I am married both to the Muses and Newfoundland,” tells us … Continue reading

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Rock with 17th and 18th Century Graffiti Municipal Heritage Site

The Rock with 17th and 18th Century Graffiti (Borden #CfAf-25) is located in Kingman’s Cove, Fermeuse, NL.

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Historical Archaeology and the Demand for Alcohol in 17th Century Newfoundland

This paper by Dr. Peter Pope, presents some quantitative archaeological data, relating to the consumption of alcohol, from the site of the 17th-century fishing station at Ferryland, Newfoundland….

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