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Historical Archaeology and the Demand for Alcohol in 17th Century Newfoundland

This paper by Dr. Peter Pope, presents some quantitative archaeological data, relating to the consumption of alcohol, from the site of the 17th-century fishing station at Ferryland, Newfoundland…. Advertisements

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Religion in the Archaeological Record

From Inside Newfoundland and Labrador Archaeology.¬†¬†Religion and its associated rituals is a very personal thing to most people but it is an important thing for archaeologists to understand. Religion guides people and entire cultures through numerous aspects of everyday life … Continue reading

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The Lower Coast of Trepassey Bay

A collection of information about the Lower Coast, including its Geography and History and in particular a number of stone walls, fences, foundations and structures found on the east and west sides of the Powles Peninsula on its north facing … Continue reading

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Life in Early Modern Newfoundland

On Friday, November 25th, Sheilah Roberts will be speaking about life in early modern Newfoundland. Life in the colonies was no picnic, but despite that, the early settlers seemed to have had access to sufficient food and, for the most … Continue reading

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