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St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre

The Massacre of Protestant Huguenots occurred on August 24, 1572.  One “history sheet” from a Cologne printer gives this portrayal of the event 

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A Summary of the Reformation in Scotland

The 16th century was the age of the European Reformation: a religious conflict between Protestants and Catholics which divided Western Europe for over 150 years, and continues to do so until this day in certain areas. Click here for more

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La petite sedanaise: Les pseaumes de David, mis en rime françoise (Geneve, chez P. Aubet, 1634)

A miniature copy of the Psalms has been added to the holdings of Princeton Graphic Arts Collection. Les Pseaumes de David, Mis en rime Françoise. Sedan: Jean Jannon, 1636. 64mo in eights (62 x 36 mm). Contemporary vellum, painted black, … Continue reading

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Religion in the Archaeological Record

From Inside Newfoundland and Labrador Archaeology.  Religion and its associated rituals is a very personal thing to most people but it is an important thing for archaeologists to understand. Religion guides people and entire cultures through numerous aspects of everyday life … Continue reading

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Elizabethan Puritanism and the Poor: A Reconsideration

Until recently, historians have accepted all too readily the arguments of Max Weber, R. H. Tawney, and Christopher Hill that the Puritans of English society, and the clergy in particular, discriminated against the poor, and tended to exclude them from … Continue reading

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